Monday, February 16, 2009

Challenge 13 - Final Challenge =(

I so wanted the race to continue. I enjoyed this Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race very much. This is the last challenge, which was a surprise added on at the end of the 12 challenges, because it was Friday the 13th. I thought it was a fun idea to make a surprise challenge, and it is optional, so not everyone completed this one.

We were to collaborate as a team this time. Becki did the left side and I did the right side so we ended up with a two-page layout (which you can see below). There was a list of what we could use and how we could use it, which made this particular challenge the most challenging of all, and I think I enjoyed it the most because of that. We collaborated with the kit we chose so we would have things that coordinated but we didn't want to match completely. This way we could still showcase our own styles but have pages that went together. We both used, mostly, a kit called Createwings C23 (creation). I absolutely love this kit!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Challenge 13...the end

There was a bonus and optional challenge, and of course we participated! LOL

We had to make a 2 page spread so the pages needed to coordinate with each other. Each side had certain rules, also. The theme was Love and Diversity, and it was the hardest challenge we had through the whole race!

I did the left side, Mom did the right. Above you can see mine and the final 2 pages put together.

This was definitely fun, though slow going-we always found ourselves wanting more, more, more! LOL

Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work, inspiration, the prizes and the fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Challenge 12-a collab

Here is what is supposed to be our final challenge, but there is talk that there is one more from our Race host site NDISB...hmmm?

The challenge this round was to be done as a collaboration-we were to have a convo about why we scrap (or 'tell our stories'). We could only have two photos which were one of each of us, or one of us together and it had to be at the bottom right hand corner of the page. There were to only be 2 papers and at least 5 embellishments, and the journaling of our 'conversation' had to be at least 1/2 of the page.

This time it was my turn to do the page, so I created the LO and then Mom added her journaling to it. This was not as easy as it sounds, as there were a few issues along the way with sizing and overlapping-but we worked out the kinks and got a beauty out of it!

This was a fun race, and I am sure I will do it again. We both wish it had MORE challenges during the week, that it was a little too 'easy' and slow...but we did truly enjoy ourselves and got inspiration for something we already love to do!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Challenge 11

For this challenge we were allowed one photo and one question - only. No other words on the layout, just the questions (and not the answer to the question). I miss my parents very much as they passed on to Heaven some time ago. It is nearing Valentine's Day. If my Daddy could hear me I'd ask him to be mine - to be my Valentine.

Here is my page. The credits to the designer of the items I used is Gina Cabrera - All Heart.

Yes, I did more than one - I did three. Perhaps I'll post the others later.

Tata - Destiney's Great-Grandma

Challenge 11...

It's almost over! Went by SO quickly, but it seemed to take forever for the challenges to get here each week! LOL

So, this challenge was to Ask a question, use that question as your title/journaling and only that-no other words. Only one picture, which had to be in relation to the question and somehow show the answer to that question...still with me on this? LOL

MY question is: "What would you love, love, love for your 40th?" to Scott...the answer is to drive his car! He has this '59 Soft-top convertable MGA Roadster in pieces in the garage, he's been working on it when he can for a few years now, and the other day he told me he has decided he wanted to drive it on his birthday-which is April 18th.

The license plate (which IS an Oregon one, BTW) says 'MEMEME', which is one that I came up with earlier today when we were driving down the road and making up license plate words for the car for fun...he said it needed to show it was HIS and not OURS (he says I 'stole' his Mustang away and teases me that I want the MGA...LOL).

This was a fun one to do, and I tried my hand at erasing and blending this time-which I really had never done before (I had to get him in the car! LOL)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Challenge 10 Interview Team Member

Challenge 10 sponsored by Pixel Gypsy is a Roadblock so only one of us gets to make a layout. The one of us who did not complete the layout for the Jan. 20th challenge was to do an interview with the other and scrap about that. We could use one photo about it, must ask at least 5 questions, use only two designers and make the layout predominately two colors only.

I got to do this one so I asked Rabecca about being a new Grandma (of course!)LOL. The two designers I used were Kitty Chen and Lorie Davison from Scrapbookgraphics as these are some of my very favorite whimsical designs.

As usual I made two pages. I first made the pink-blue page and then made the red-yellowish page, which is the one posted to the race.

Blessings in His Name, Great-Grandma

Monday, February 2, 2009

Challenge 9 is Generations

For Challenge 9 I did my layout featuring 7 generations of our family. I enjoyed this one because these are the kind of pages that help to tell the story to future generations. I love the colors, the papers and all the elements too.

Here I placed a newspaper clipping about my great-grandfather Wiley, photos with my grand-father Clarence, his daughter - my mother Lillian, myself, my first daughter Rabecca, her first daughter Ashley, and her first daughter Destiney (which makes her a Grandmother and makes me a Great-Grandmother!). All of us girls, in this list, have a middle name of Ruth. I think that is fantastic!

I used the papers and elements from designer Katheryn Balint of KB and Friends who sponsored this challenge. I also used JHI lace. We needed to use: more that one generation, some lace, metal, a flower, and vintage element. I used several. I also did the Generations of LOVE page, but didn't submit it for the race.

Enjoy, Great Grandma Mary (I love saying that!)